October 2015

Are Ghosts Real?

As someone who spent years writing about his experiences in the spiritual world, Emanuel Swedenborg had a lot to say about people who have crossed over. But what about encounters with spirits in this world? Read more

Three Steps to Making Better Choices

According to Swedenborg’s theology, people have to be free to be horrible because they have to be free to be good. People must be free to do bad things and good things, so that they can freely choose to love and follow the good stuff and reject the bad stuff. Read more

Swedenborg and Life Recap: The World of Spirits 10/12/15

This idea of a slow transition, with time to adjust to a new state, provides a great comparison to eighteenth-century philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg’s ideas about the journey after death to the spiritual world. In this episode of Swedenborg and Life, host Curtis Childs goes over the path that Swedenborg maps out in his theology, taking us through this detailed transition from the physical world to a spiritual one. Read more

Swedenborg and Life Recap: The Different Kinds of Angels 10/5/15

Each year, NASA spends million exploring outer space in an effort to make the unknown, known. Just as we’d like to know about life on other planets, many of us would like to know about life on the other side. Eighteenth-century philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg was—in many ways—a human rover of the spiritual world. Lucky for us, he was also meticulous in documenting what he found during his afterlife expeditions. In this episode of Swedenborg and Life, host Curtis Childs reviews some of Swedenborg’s written accounts about the kinds of angels he encountered in the world of spirits to help us understand what kind of intelligent angelic life is out there! Read more

Good, Evil, and Free Will—You Decide

If you have begun to dabble in Swedenborg’s many works, you might have seen references to influx, a term that’s often rendered as “inflow” in newer translations. Are you curious about influx? Have you wondered how this divine influence relates to free will? What does Swedenborg say about how the interplay between good, evil, and freedom impacts a person’s spiritual life? Read more

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