May 2016

Swedenborg and Life Recap: The Reality of Heaven and Hell with Howard Storm 5/23/16

Before his near-death experience (NDE) in 1985, Howard Storm was a passionate atheist. His visit to hell, encounter with Jesus, and visions of heaven transformed him so completely that he became a pastor and authored two books: My Descent into Death and Lessons Learned. In this episode, host Curtis Childs speaks with him about his experiences and where they overlap with those of Emanuel Swedenborg. What can these encounters with death teach us about life? Read more

Swedenborg and Life Recap: When Religion Went Wrong 5/16/16

With all the wars, abuse of power, and corruption it can breed, many are left to wonder if religion should exist at all. If religion was initially formed to help people come together in community to learn about the spiritual principles that lead to love and common good, then when did it go so wrong? In this episode of Swedenborg and Life, host Curtis Childs and featured guests guide us through Swedenborg’s claim that an answer lies within the one of the most famous ancient architectural stories within the Old Testament of the Bible—the building of the Tower of Babel. Read more

Did Swedenborg Study Kabbalah? Part 2: Probing His Historical Context

In order to create a more complete picture of Swedenborg’s relationship to kabbalah, a comparison of these two great traditions must be complemented by historical evidence of his intimacy with the Jewish esoteric teaching; and scholars have done so by taking into consideration the prevalence of kabbalistic thought during Swedenborg’s time, citing his connection with its proponents both at home and in the European intellectual community at large. Read more

Swedenborg and Life Celebrates 100th Episode

The one-hundredth episode of our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life was broadcast in front of a live audience in Pendleton Hall on the campus of Bryn Athyn College in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. The audience ranged from locals who were experiencing the show for the first time to die-hard fans who drove from as far away as Washington DC. Read more

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