January 2019

The Scout from Outer Space

The chair of Harvard’s astronomy department makes the controversial speculation that an object from outside our solar system could be evidence of extraterrestrial life.  

Is there life on other planets? It’s a fascinating question . . . one that Swedenborg also weighed in on during his lifetime. Read more

NCE Minute: The Three Pillars of Heaven: Understanding the Themes of The Shorter Works of 1763

The year 2019 will see the publication of the New Century Edition’s second deluxe compendium of Swedenborg’s shorter works. The first such volume was The Shorter Works of 1758; the forthcoming volume will contain the five short works Swedenborg originally published in 1763: The Lord, Sacred Scripture, Life, Faith, and Supplements, complete with preface, introduction, annotations, and indexes.  Read more

Bird Box

In the movie Bird Box, the world has become filled with monsters that kill anyone who looks at them. In order to survive, people must blindfold themselves every time they go outside.

What are the spiritual lessons behind what we choose to see and what we don’t? Swedenborg tells us that seeing can quite literally be believing. Read more

Good Government

Government shutdown. The border wall. New party leadership in Congress. Questions of national leadership and the public good are dominating the news right now, and divisions are deep.

Emanuel Swedenborg offers some thoughts on what makes a good leader:

“[Good leaders] do not control and command but minister and serve, for doing good for others out of a love for what is good is serving, and making sure that it happens is ministering.” (Heaven and Hell §218) Read more

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