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Swedenborg and Life Recap: The Spiritual Battles of Jesus Christ 8/3/15

There may be no one whose life has been scrutinized more than Jesus Christ. Much of what he said and did was recorded in detail in the Bible. But you have to wonder: What was going on inside of Jesus? What kind of inner, spiritual battles did he face from birth to his death on the cross? In this episode of Swedenborg and Life, host Curtis Childs and featured guests look to Swedenborg’s writings for an explanation. Read more

A New Method for an Old Challenge

If you put yourself in the shoes of a translator journeying through a work of Swedenborg, you might think that each of the thousands of passages Swedenborg quotes from the Bible would offer you a welcome rest. After all, the Bible has been translated into English many times over. Quotations from it should be easy to translate. But Swedenborg’s extracts from the Bible are seldom actual quotations, in the modern sense. They do not necessarily begin at the first word of a verse, end with the last word, and quote all the words in between. Nor do they always present a range of verses in a straightforward fashion. Read more

Swedenborg: The Theologian Who Wasn’t

Emanuel Swedenborg believed that conventional Christian theology sets an impossible challenge for believers. Though Christians are traditionally called upon by church doctrine to acknowledge the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as three persons, their religion forbids them to refer to these persons as “three gods.” Read more

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