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5 Ways to Experience Divine Love Today

Emanuel Swedenborg writes that one of the best ways to grow spiritually is to embrace and embody love in the same way God radiates it. That may seem like a pretty tall order, but throughout his writings, Swedenborg offers some clues about how we can put divine love into practice in our everyday lives. Read more

Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

What does Swedenborg say about animals in the afterlife? Will people be reunited with beloved pets after they die? Is there a doggie heaven with unlimited treats and squirrels to chase? Swedenborg sees a clear spiritual difference between humans and animals. Read more

Swedenborg Society Books Now Available

The Swedenborg Foundation is pleased to announce that it is a distributor of eighteen titles published by the Swedenborg Society located in London, England. The Swedenborg Society has been publishing high-quality books about Emanuel Swedenborg for many years, but those books have been hard to find in North America because of high import costs. Now customers and booksellers on this side of the Atlantic will have easy access to these sought-after titles. Read more

Swedenborg on Social Inequality

Pope Francis recently created a stir with a Latin tweet (yes, the pontiff has a Twitter account) that read “Iniquitas radix malorum,” or, in the English version, “Inequality is the root of social evil.” While fiscally conservative Catholics expressed discomfort with the economic implications of the statement, it’s firmly in line with Pope Francis’s emphasis on ministering to the poor. What would Swedenborg say? Read more

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