The New Century Edition

  • The New Century Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg incorporates a new approach to translating the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

    The New Century Edition is unique in Swedenborgian scholarship. This is the first translation of Swedenborg’s writings to be produced using a unified set of standards. Internationally recognized scholars have been recruited to write introductions that set each work in its historical context. The text is extensively annotated, explaining the meaning of obscure terms, the personal or historical context behind particular passages, and other tidbits of information that give deeper meaning to the work. In addition, translator’s prefaces give notes about the original Latin and tables of parallel passages show where Swedenborg discusses similar topics. There are indexes not only to the biblical references in each work, but to the prefaces and introductions as well as (separately) the works themselves. In short, the New Century Edition is the ultimate reference tool for anyone who wants to delve into Swedenborg. Download our PDF Guide to the Theological Works of Emanuel Swedenborg for a list of Swedenborg’s published theological writings with descriptions of each volume.

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    You can read New Century Edition e-books for free! Click here for a full list of titles and download options, or visit our bookstore to purchase print or audio editions. You can also hear from our NCE translation team in our NCE Minute blog series.


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The project began in the late 1990s with the recognition that the most commonly used English translations of Swedenborg’s writings, collectively called the “Standard Edition,” were well over a hundred years old, and were showing their age. Not only were some of the English words and phrasing out of date, but emerging scholarship in Neo-Latin—that is, Latin used in books written after the Renaissance—showed that in some areas those original translations were inaccurate. In some cases, gender biases of the late nineteenth century caused the translator to specify “man” where the original used the gender-neutral “human.” On top of that, the translations often stuck so literally to the complex, Latinate phrasing of the text that the beauty and simplicity of Swedenborg’s writing was lost.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Swedenborg Foundation published more contemporary translations of Swedenborg’s most popular works, and in the 1990s we typeset the entire series of Swedenborg’s theological writings electronically, in the process employing Swedenborgian scholars and editors to update the more obscure English phrasing. This work became known as the Redesigned Standard Edition. But it became obvious that what was needed was an entirely new translation of Swedenborg’s works, one that maintained the poetic vision of the original while incorporating input from both scholars and linguistic experts to produce an accurate rendering of Swedenborg’s thoughts. Thus the New Century Edition was born.

The New Century Edition is printed in two different editions:

Deluxe Editions contain all of the introductions, notes, and supplemental materials described above. All Deluxe Editions are available in hardcover, and Swedenborg’s most popular works (Heaven and Hell, Divine Love and Wisdom, Divine Providence, True Christianity, and the first volume of Secrets of Heaven) are also available in Deluxe paperback.

Portable Editions are smaller paperbacks that include the complete text of the translations, but none of the introductions, notes, or other supplemental materials.

All printed editions are also available as e-books, and we have just begun offering audio versions as well. Find our entire NCE collection in our Bookstore.

If you would like to receive each hardcover Deluxe volume as it comes out, you can become a New Century Edition subscriber.

All subscribers get 30% off the purchase price. Instead of $29.95 per volume, you will be billed $20.95, plus shipping.

If you become a member of the Swedenborg Foundation for $25, you will also receive an additional 20% discount on this and all other purchases of books published by the Swedenborg Foundation when you order from us. When ordered as part of a subscription, the New Century Edition volumes will then cost $14.95 each, plus shipping.

To enroll for a subscription, phone the Foundation at 610-430-3222, ext 109, or e-mail us at Include your name, address, city, state, zip, home phone, work phone, and e-mail address with your request. Please also let us know whether or not you wish to purchase any of the volumes that have already been published. You may subscribe for the full series or only for the remaining volumes that have not yet been published.

With a subscription, you will receive with our compliments the companion to the New Century Edition, sold separately for $29.95: Emanuel Swedenborg: Essays for the New Century Edition on His Life, Works, and Impact. You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty and keep the premium Essays volume as our gift.

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