• The Arms of Morpheus

    Essays on Swedenborg and Mysticism

    Edited by Stephen McNeilly

    The Arms of Morpheus: Essays on Swedenborg and Mysticism addresses the relatively untapped subject of the eighteenth-century Swedish philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg’s place within the mystical tradition. It contains articles by Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz and other leading writers and academics. Read more

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The Arms of Morpheus: Essays on Swedenborg and Mysticism addresses the relatively untapped subject of the eighteenth-century Swedish philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg and his place within the mystical tradition. Highlighting the congruencies and disparities of his ideas with those mystics and visionaries who preceded him and those that followed after, the volume opens with a wonderful essay on Swedenborg by the Nobel Prize winner Czeslaw Milosz and is followed by essays that offer important comparisons between Swedenborg and Jacob Boehme, Rudolf Steiner, Madame Guyon, the Kabbalah, Ibn ‘Arabi, and Paracelsus.

This volume, the fifth in the Journal of the Swedenborg Society series, contains the following seven essays:

  • Czeslaw Milosz, “Swedenborg the Mystic”
  • Ariel Hessayon, “Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg and Their Readers”
  • Gary Lachman, “Swedenborg, Rudolf Steiner and the Hypnagogic State”
  • Richard Lines, “The Feminine Mysticism of Madame Guyon”
  • Reuben Bell, “Swedenborg and the Kabbalah”
  • James Wilson, “Swedenborg and Paracelsus”
  • José Antonio Antón-Pacheco, “Ibn ‘Arabi and Swedenborg”

Also included are a preface by Stephen McNeilly, a chronology of Swedenborg, biographies of the subjects of the essays, and an index

About the Author

Edited by Stephen McNeilly, director of the Swedenborg Society, this volume includes work from the acclaimed Nobel Prize winner Czeslaw Milosz; lecturer in history at Goldsmiths, University of London, Ariel Hessayon; leading writer on the history of consciousness Gary Lachman; writer, novelist, and assistant editor of the Swedenborg Society James Wilson; Swedenborg scholar Richard Lines; former professor and director at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine Reuben Bell; and professor of philosophy at the University of Seville, Spain, José Antonio Antón-Pacheco.


The Arms of Morpheus will be of great interest to all students.”

—Keri Davies, British Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies.

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