• Comprehending Coincidence

    Synchronicity & Personal Transformation

    By Craig S. Bell

    Coincidences in daily events can give us messages that we can use to direct our path in life. So asserts author Craig Bell, who uses the systems of symbols underlying both coincidences and dreams to develop a system for personal growth. Read more

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In our daily lives, coincidences occur that grip us or catch us off-guard; and if we are open to their messages, we can use them to direct us on our path in life. Craig Bell provides unique and practical ways to use coincidence for personal transformation. His anecdotes reveal the profound lessons he has learned in his innovative search for meaning in everyday events.

Coincidences and dreams bear marked similarities, the most important of which is that the content of both may be symbolic. Bells offers a few reliable rules that bring symbol analysis within the reach of almost everyone. Incorporating elements of psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics, the author synthesizes Western quantum physics and Eastern metaphysics to explain how our psychological world may structure itself to provide meaningful coincidences.

About the Author

Craig S. Bell has had a long career as an airline pilot and is now a professional writer. He began his twenty-five-year-long investigation of the meaning of coincidences while he was an Air Force pilot in the Vietnam War. His interest in coincidences evolved from his success in analyzing dreams, a product of his undergraduate studies in psychology. He is the author of Dreams: Answers about Yourself.

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