As a child, Grant Schnarr was haunted (as many children are) by a fear of the dark, a fear of the unknown, of monsters in his closet. But more than that, he was haunted by a real ghost—a dark presence that lingered in his family’s house, occasionally moving objects, making noises, or even appearing to unsuspecting family members and guests.

As an adult, Grant had almost forgotten about the ghost until a series of brushes with death began to awaken old memories. Over the course of several months, a series of “coincidences” led him to dig deeper and deeper into a long-buried family tragedy. Forced to confront his deepest fears, armed with the lessons he learned from the spiritual warriors in his life, he finally learns the truth on a dark night in the woods of Wisconsin.

Anyone who has suffered a loss or struggled with fears will relate to this real-life tale of facing your inner–and outer–demons, told from Grant’s uniquely Swedenborgian perspective.

About the Author

Grant Schnarr is the author of the novel The Guardian Angel Diary and also several books about growth and spirituality, including Art of Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Lasting Inner Peace, which has been published in a variety of languages by independent publishers on four continents. His bookYou Can Believe! is a bestselling introduction to Swedenborgian thought.

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“In Ghost Brother Angel Grant Schnarr takes us on a dramatic personal journey in search of answers to his own troubled past—and more universal questions of courage and faith. He skillfully weaves the beliefs of several different cultures—African warriors, Native Americans, as well as his own Swedenborgianism—into a fascinating story. Emotionally honest, carefully observed, this entirely readable book shines a light on the dark, terrifying moments of life we all must struggle with—and offers solace to our deepest fears.”

—Liza Gyllenhaal, author of the novels Local Knowledge, So Near, and the forthcoming A Place for Us


“Ghost Brother Angel lifts the veil on coincidence to expose the deeper connections between the spiritual and natural world—an uphill journey through grief and fear to faith, a deeply fulfilling read.”

—Chandra Hoffman, author of the novel Chosen


“A profoundly moving, exciting account of Grant Schnarr’s spiritual journey to unlock answers to burning questions from his childhood, Ghost Brother Angel is an honest page-turner that will help you understand your own fears of death, the afterlife, and will validate that love is stronger than death.”

—Maureen Hancock, author of The Medium Next Door


“Schnarr’s (Guardian Angel Diary) latest is unusual in at least two respects, first, that the author’s perspective is informed by his membership in the Swedenborgian sect of Christianity, a still-tiny group, and, second, by the presence of the paranormal in a spiritual memoir. Schnarr’s story, which ranges from Pennsylvania to South Africa and beyond, traces the author’s gradual discovery of self through haunting coincidences. ­Unlike most Christian faiths, Swedenborgianism allows for nonmalevolent spirits and engages a range of spiritual experience; many readers will be compelled by Schnarr’s touching story and intrigued by its implications.”

—Library Journal

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