• Healing as a Sacred Path

    A Story of Personal, Medical, and Spiritual Transformation

    By L. Robert Keck

    L. Robert Keck, author of the highly acclaimed Sacred Quest tells his remarkable story of a life of pain and determination. A survivor of polio, of a broken back, and of chronic, crippling, and progressive pain from post-polio syndrome, Keck details his lifelong battle to be a whole human being: a man of mind, body, and spirit. At the heart of his story lies the recognition that spirituality—the discovery of our true “soul self”—is the most important ingredient in health promotion, disease prevention, and healing from physical and emotional trauma. Read more

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Healing as a Sacred Path is an invitation by the author to explore the role that spirituality plays in promoting heath and healing. He starts with the story of his own struggles with polio and a broken back, which doctors predicted would lead to lifetime of paralysis and crippling pain. Instead, Keck experienced healing, and although he continued to face challenges, he was able to rise above and help motivate others to do the same.

The book also looks at the changing role of spirituality in healing and how our personal heath issues are affected by the cultural and medical paradigm in which we live. He concludes by describing what he perceives as the future of healthcare — a synergy between faith and medicine that will ultimately empower patients to take charge of their own cure.

About the Author

L. Robert Keck, Ph.D., an evolutionary theologian and a United Methodist minister, earned his doctorate in the philosophy of medicine, served on the medical school faculty of Ohio State University, and was president of Boulder Graduate School.


“An absolutely stunning book by a brilliant and compassionate man.”

—Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts

“Bob Keck’s genius resides in his heart as well as his mind.”

—Joan Borysenko, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

“Strength, understanding, and inspiration: these are the fruits of reading about L. Robert Keck’s healing journey. . . . Keck shows how spirituality is returning at long last to modern medicine and why this is one of the most important developments of the new millennium. Well-written and erudite, this book deserves a wide embrace.”

—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Beyond the Body and Reinventing Medicine

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