Heaven and Hell: New Century Edition

By Emanuel Swedenborg
Translated by George F. Dole
Deluxe Edition Introduction by Bernhard Lang

Heaven and Hell is Swedenborg’s most popular book and his fullest report of his experiences in the other world. In it he describes heaven, hell, and the world of spirits that lies between them.

Deluxe hardcover and e-book, 544 pages

Portable paperback and e-book, 416 pages

Large-print paperback, 854 pages

The New Century Edition is printed in two different editions:

Deluxe Edition

Contain all of the introductions, notes, and supplemental materials. Heaven and Hell is available as a deluxe hardcover and e-book. Read more about the Deluxe Edition >

Hardcover $49.95
Kindle $22.49Free EPUB

Portable Edition

Smaller paperbacks that include the complete text of the translations, but none of the introductions, notes, or other supplemental materials.

Paperback $29.95Audio DownloadKindle $19.49Free PDFFree EPUB

Large-Print Edition

This large-print edition contains the text of the translation, but not the introduction, annotations, or other supplemental materials found in the deluxe edition.

Paperback $59.95

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