• In the Presence of Angels

    Reflections on Mattie Pearl and Emanuel Swedenborg

    By Andrea R. Garrison
    Introduction by Stephen Larsen

    Andrea Garrison’s mother, Mattie Pearl, showed a special connection to the other side in the weeks leading up to her passing. In retelling the story, Andrea reflects on similar crossings and on the presence of angels in all of our lives. Read more

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In October 2004, Andrea Garrison’s mother, Mattie Pearl, passed into the spiritual world. The weeks leading up to her crossing were a powerful time for Andrea and the rest of her family as Mattie Pearl shared her love, her insights, and her visions of heaven with those around her.

Andrea knew from the time she was a little girl that there was a spiritual reality beyond what we could see, and her mother encouraged her to explore different understandings of the Divine. As an adult, Andrea encountered the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and was struck by the similarities between his theology and her experiences. Her quest to find others who knew about the Swedish mystic led her to new friends and, ultimately, a deeper exploration of her family history.

Originally published as The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl, this expanded edition tells more about Andrea’s family history, including the role her father played in her life, as well as her reflections on Emanuel Swedenborg. Anyone who has mourned the loss of a loved one or been curious about the other side will be inspired and uplifted by this true story of a remarkable woman.

About the Author

Andrea R. Garrison is the author of The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl, co-author of the children’s book Abernathy the Basset Hound, and the host/producer of Online With Andrea, a global, multidimensional Internet radio program that connects heart to heart. Andrea is committed to her spiritual explorations and studies. Visit onlinewithandrea.com


“If we knew that our spiritual lives continued after we left this earth, would we live our lives differently–with more love, compassion, and gratitude? Andrea Garrison enlightens us by sharing her mother’s and grandfather’s “crossing over” experiences. We gain comfort from hearing that a death is not an end but a “crossing over” from one world to another as our spiritual being continues in another form. In the Presence of Angels shows us that our lives are part of a bigger journey. This book reminds us to live in the “present” with more love and kindness.”

—Heather Rodale, founder, HealingThroughTheArts.org


In the Presence of Angels is a lyrical gem, a gentle meditation that will take you deeper and deeper into the heart of love, and—at the same time—into the promise of everlasting life.”

—Ray Silverman, author, The Core of Johnny Appleseed


In the Presence of Angels is a treasure of a book that truly does bring us into the presence of angels. Andrea Garrison’s simply written but profoundly touching story will inspire readers to closely examine their own values and attitudes, particularly about the reality of “life after death.” I wasn’t granted the privilege of knowing her personally, but I have loved Mattie Pearl since meeting her in Andrea’s first book, The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl. Woven into the fabric of this new book, we are inspired by the wisdom and insight of Emanuel Swedenborg. Andrea provides a wonderful way to discover the brilliance of this remarkable scientist, philosopher, and mystic—and to appreciate his widespread impact on our modern world.”

—John M. Thompson, president, Illumination Arts Publishing


“A touching and evocative account of how the links between family members survive beyond the limits of death.”

—Richard Smoley, author, Supernatural: Writings on an Unknown History


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