• Rocking the Ages

    The Pulse and Continuity of Change

    Edited by Robert F. Lawson and Carol S. Lawson
    Foreword by Stuart Shotwell
    Chrysalis Reader #7

    The seventh edition of the Chrysalis Reader travels between the worlds of continuity and change. Read more

    Paperback, 190 pages

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Some things are as steady as mountains; others, like the ocean, are unpredictable, forever in motion. Rocking the Ages travels between the worlds of continuity and change, exploring the challenges presented by coming of age and growing old, seeking the Divine in traditional and nontraditional ways, reaching across generational lines, and examining the past to understand the present. Throughout, the sense of human connection is swaddled in the dual-layered fabric of permanence and flux.

This collection of literary wisdom may rock some perceptions as it attempts to find the sacred in everyday life, but it will surely delight and inspire. Among the contributors are Robert Bly and Pat Schneider.

About the Author

Robert F. Lawson’s poetry has appeared in Three Rivers Poetry Journal, Salt Lick, Plum Review, Phoenix, Negative Capability, Lullwater Review, Kalliope, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, and others. He recently retired from Maine Public Broadcasting as the major gifts and planned giving officer. A co-editor for the Chrysalis Reader and former editor for Simon & Schuster, Lawson does freelance editing and writing consultation.


Carol S. Lawson holds a master’s degree in literature from Bennington College. Her long and varied career in publishing has included managing a medical journal for Harper & Row, publications and press work for the US Public Health Service and the Environmental Protection Agency, and the executive editor position at the American Birding Association.

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