SF Staff Changes: Promotions and a New Face

Our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel (OTLE) is planning a major expansion to its digital strategy this summer with a brand-new dedicated website and a revamped social media and e-mail communication strategy. As part of those changes, we’ve promoted staff member Chris Dunn to Director of Digital Marketing for offTheLeftEye.  

Chris is a familiar face to anyone who’s watched the channel over the past few years; in addition to occasional on-air appearances, he’s been a moderator for all of OTLE social media properties, especially the YouTube comments section. In 2018, he took on the role of Online Community Manager, managing our diverse team of moderators as they respond to the ever-growing audience across all of our platforms. However, in addition to moderation he also took on the role of manager for the YouTube video account, seeking additional training and certifications in search engine optimization (SEO) in order to maximize the effectiveness of our online efforts. His work on our YouTube ads led to achieving a new viewership milestone for the channel—more than one million unique viewers in the first three months of 2020. In his new role, he’ll be responsible for coordinating OTLE’s marketing strategy across YouTube, Facebook, e-mail, and more. 

Taking his place as Community Manager is Karin Childs, who is also a familiar face to people who watch the OTLE channel. Aside from Director of OffTheLeftEye Curtis Childs himself, she was the first moderator to work on our Facebook and YouTube channels, and has become known to staff and audience alike as a wise and graceful voice in presenting Swedenborg’s teachings and deflecting contentious commenters. She will be continuing the work of coordinating and mentoring our moderation team.  

Separately from the OTLE program, our spring 2020 marketing intern, Nichole Fellouris, is continuing on as a part-time marketing assistant. Nichole has been instrumental in helping Marketing Manager Amy Acquarola implement a number of new programs, including our rebranded Instagram presence, in addition to being a welcome addition to the office. 

Welcome and congratulations to everyone taking on a new role!

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