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The offTheLeftEye YouTube channel explores faith, spirituality, and the afterlife through video hosted by creator and producer Curtis Childs. Swedenborg & Life, which streams every Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET, launched in 2014. The addition of the weekly web series added depth to the channel’s preexisting short video repertoire as well as viewing consistency for our 60,000+ subscribers.

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What Does offTheLeftEye Mean?

Swedenborg wrote that he was once allowed to experience what the dying process is like, so that he could describe it for us. In the first stage after dying, a person is in the presence of the highest angels, who protect people as they make the transition. While in their presence, one cannot yet see anything, but rather feels the angels’ heavenly presence. In a second stage, a different level of angels come, and Swedenborg described that they seemed to roll a covering off of his left eye, and then he could begin to see his spiritual-world surroundings.

The right eye corresponds to understanding from the will and the left eye corresponds to understanding from the intellect. So, having a layer rolled off of the left eye represents having someone’s intellect enlightened, so they can begin to “see” (understand things) in ways that their intellect can grasp.

Since our channel is offering concepts for people to think over for themselves, “Off The Left Eye” seemed a good title. We hope the concepts we share from Swedenborg’s books can help bring some enlightenment to the world. Watch a video explanation below:

Production Team

Thanks to our dedicated production and writing team, our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel has been providing hope and meaning to a worldwide audience of spiritual seekers from a small production studio in PA for many years!

Curtis Childs, Director of offTheLeftEye and host of Swedenborg & Life and News from Heaven More about Curtis >

Matthew Childs, Video Art Director

Stuart Farmer, Technical Director

Meng Zhang, Motion Graphics Designer

Chelsea Odhner, Production Manager, Scriptwriter, and Online Moderator

Karin Childs, Scriptwriter and Online Moderator

Shiloh Silverman, Video Production Assistant

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