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Whether you haven’t missed an episode of Swedenborg & Life since it first began or you just tune in when you can, we appreciate your openness, participation, and support. Check out some of the ways you can share your passion for our program with others below!

Watching & Reading Swedenborg Facebook Group

If you’re a reader of our books, viewer of our offTheLeftEye videos, or just getting acquainted with Swedenborg, we invite you to join this interactive Facebook group! It’s a great place to engage in thoughtful conversations and learn how others are applying the eternal lessons of spiritual love and wisdom offered by Emanuel Swedenborg to their everyday lives. Because this is a closed group, you can feel secure that while others can search for the group and see who’s in it, only members can see posts and content is closely monitored to ensure members adhere to our Code of Conduct. Request to join Watching & Reading Swedenborg here >

Swedenborg & Life Watch Parties

Have you ever wanted to watch and discuss the program live with others or even just meet like-minded people in your area? Starting an in-person or online offTheLeftEye watch party is a great way to connect! Here are two great ways to get a watch party group started:

  • makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group based on geographic location and interest. While it’s free to be a part of a Meetup group, event organizers do pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to $14.99 for the service. Learn more here!
  • Facebook Events allows you to organize private or public gatherings and collect responses from potential attendees. Creating a Facebook Event is free, but you will need to already have a profile or create a profile to use the service. Learn more here!

If you do form a watch party group, let us know and we’ll list it on this page as well as on the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel. We will also promote your group via social media to help people find you!

Watch Parties List

  • Rochester, Michigan
  • The “Cincinnati Swedenborg & Life Watch Party” at the Glendale New Church meets every first Monday of the month for refreshments and discussion around the night’s episode.

RedBubble Merchandise Store

We’ve had a talented designer create custom Swedenborg Foundation artwork, which can be put on your choice of merchandise products so you can show off your support! 15% of the proceeds from your purchase go towards helping us continue to offer the free spirituality-based programming you love. Essentially, our RedBubble store allows you to give and get–a real win-win!

Swedenborg Foundation RedBubble Merchandise Store >

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