Volunteer Opportunities

As a free program of a nonprofit organization, Swedenborg & Life would not be possible without your support. If you feel inspired to help the show grow and reach as many people as possible, please consider some of the following ways you can volunteer below.

Video Transcriptions and Translations

If you’re interested in helping us create written transcripts of our episodes or are fluent enough in another language to translate our videos, let us know!

Social Media Influencers

If you have a decent social media following and are interested in helping us grow by promoting the show to your followers, let us know! Plus, check out our Fan Resources section for more on how you can organize a Swedenborg & Life watch party in your local community.

Fundraising Initiatives

If you have fundraising experience and believe you can help us find new ways to keep offering free programming, let us know!

To contact us about any of the above volunteer opportunities, please contact offthelefteye@gmail.com

In addition to the above volunteer opportunities, we also offer annual memberships for $25 and accept tax-deductible donations!

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