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Did you miss an episode and want to quickly catch up, or do you simply prefer reading instead of watching? Check out our collection of written episode recaps, featuring can’t-miss moments from episodes of our weekly webcast series Swedenborg & LifeBrowse all of our written recaps by date and topic below.

As of mid-April 2020, we will not be adding new recaps to this archive, in preparation for a dedicated offTheLeftEye website, launching summer 2020. We’re excited to serve our community with this new resource as soon as possible!

Swedenborg and Life Recap: The Infinite in You 4/25/16

In this week’s episode of Swedenborg and Life, host Curtis Childs examines three complex ideas that work together to answer these questions: the evil tendencies of human beings (keep an eye out for the Latin word proprium), the hemispheres of the brain, and the connection of an infinite God with his finite people. Read more

Swedenborg and Life Recap: Renewable Spiritual Energy 4/18/16

In this week’s episode of Swedenborg and Life, host Curtis Childs looks into the idea of spiritual energy (comparing it to the energy that human beings get from the sun), converting from a polluting energy source to a clean one, the “energy” of the human soul, and how to maintain a renewable and dependable spiritual energy source. Read more

Swedenborg and Life Recap: The Meaning of Easter 3/21/16

Ready to venture into a world of symbols, representations, and correspondences? Starting with Easter symbols like rabbits, eggs, and clothing, then examining details within the story of Jesus’s time on the cross and his resurrection, take a journey through Emanuel Swedenborg’s interpretation of the biblical Easter story. Read more

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