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    Spiritual Growth through Love

    Swedish seer Emanuel Swedenborg spent a lot of time thinking about spiritual growth. He described it as a gradual process that begins with a choice: to be more caring, to act to help others (even in small ways), to be more connected to the Divine. The more we act out of love, the more we are recreated as spiritual people, and that is the process he calls regeneration.

    Although regeneration is a complex process, Swedenborg lays out four basic steps to spiritual growth. Read more about the principles and process of regeneration.

    Who was Emanuel Swedenborg?

    Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist and nobleman who used his expertise in engineering and metallurgy to advance his country’s mining industry. Then, in his mid-fifties, his career was interrupted by a powerful spiritual awakening. What he experienced was so compelling that he risked his reputation to publish what he had seen. Learn more about Swedenborg.

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    Life / Faith

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    These two short works discuss two topics that are closely intertwined. Life focuses on the conscious process of spiritual rebirth and connects it to the lessons of the Ten Commandments. In Faith, Swedenborg defines faith as inner recognition of what is true, and emphasizes that true faith occurs only when we love others and treat them well.

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    The Hidden Levels of the Mind

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    Taylor’s straightforward commentary gives readers a rare insight into Swedenborg’s philosophy of the mind and how it relates to spiritual growth.

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    Regeneration cover

    ​Swedenborg described regeneration, or spiritual growth and rebirth, as a lifelong process of transforming our inner selves through acts of love and kindness. This book brings together excerpts from his theological writings that illustrate how—and why—this earth-based, love-focused process works.

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Swedenborg Says . . .

Our love is our life itself. What our love is like determines how we live and therefore everything about what we are as human beings. New Jerusalem #54

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