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    Layers of Inner Meaning

    Throughout his theological writings, Emanuel Swedenborg devotes more pages to discussing the inner, spiritual meaning of the Bible than to any other topic. His perspectives reveal the powerful messages of divine love and wisdom behind the seemingly baffling and obscure details within the Bible’s text. Read more about how Swedenborg interprets the Bible.

    Who was Emanuel Swedenborg?

    Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist and nobleman who used his expertise in engineering and metallurgy to advance his country’s mining industry. Then, in his mid-fifties, his career was interrupted by a powerful spiritual awakening. What he experienced was so compelling that he risked his reputation to publish what he had seen. Learn more about Swedenborg.

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    Is the creation story in Genesis meant to be taken literally? ​Swedenborg wrote that it has a more subtle, psychological meaning. Learn more in this Swedenborg Minute.

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    Sacred Scripture / White Horse

    Swedenborg’s two short works Sacred Scripture and White Horse are published together in this New Century Edition translation because of their ability to help readers understand the biblical interpretations in his multivolume works Secrets of Heaven and Revelation Unveiled.
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    Secrets of Heaven

    Secrets of Heaven or Arcana Coelestia is a verse-by-verse exposition of Genesis and Exodus. It’s Swedenborg’s largest and in many ways most challenging title, but it gives the reader a whole new way of looking at the Bible and what it means to us. In volume 1, Swedenborg explores the inner meaning of Genesis 1–8. In volume 2, Swedenborg explores the inner meaning of Genesis 9–15.

    Vol. 1 Vol. 2
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    A Book About Us

    While many people read the Bible only as literal truth or history, George F. Dole presents another way of interpreting the Word: by regarding it as a narrative about moral and ethical development of human life in general and of each individual life.
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