What Happens after We Die?

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    Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) was a Swedish nobleman and scientist who spent his life exploring the physical sciences. In his mid-fifties, his career was interrupted by a powerful spiritual awakening. What he learned was so compelling that he risked his reputation to contradict church doctrine and publish what he had seen. He described in detail the process of passing from our physical plane to the spiritual world and the stages we pass through to find our final home in a vast spiritual realm. On this page are a number of resources you can use to learn more, or click here to read an overview of what he said about the afterlife.

    What’s it like to wake up in the afterlife?

    “When someone’s body can no longer perform its functions . . . we say that individual has died. This happens when the lungs’ breathing and the heart’s systolic motion have ceased. The person, though, has not died at all. We are only separated from the physical nature that was useful to us in this world.” Read more.

    What if it’s easy to live a heavenly life?

    “[I]f we would accept heaven’s life, we need by all means to live in the world and to participate in its duties and affairs. In this way, we accept a spiritual life by means of our moral and civic life; and there is no other way a spiritual life can be formed within us, no other way our spirits can be prepared for heaven.” Read more.

    What if you are what you love?

    “There is a dominant love that remains with each of us after death and never changes to eternity. We all have many loves, but they all go back to our dominant love and form a single whole with it.” Read more.

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    Our Life after Death

    A Firsthand Account from an 18th-Century Scientist and Seer

    In this collection of writings from Emanuel Swedenborg’s classic Heaven and Hell, Swedenborg describes the process of dying as he experienced it personally. He goes on to discuss what happens to newly arrived souls in the afterlife, and how a process of self-discovery allows everyone to find their ideal eternal home.


    What the Afterlife is Like

    Further Reading

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