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If you enjoy the faith- and spirituality-based content we offer and want even more people to be touched by Swedenborg‘s uplifting message of divine love and wisdom, then consider joining our mission to promote his life-guiding principles by becoming a member or renewing your membership for the 2019 membership year (June 1, 2019–May 31, 2020).

Director of offTheLeftEye, Curtis Childs, talks with guests at a recent NYC event

Whether you‘re a lifelong student of Swedenborgian theology or recently stumbled across our work through our free video programs on the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel or other online offerings, we want to continue bringing you content that nourishes your personal and spiritual growth, such as:

Purple and white flower on black background with text reading Last Judgment / Supplements by Emanuel Swedenborg
Last Judgment / Supplements released September 2018
Three people sitting behind a desk full of computer screens and sound equipment.
offTheLeftEye team prepares for the Annual Meeting festivities

And that‘s not all! Learn more about how the Foundation meets our mission by reading this review of our most recent Annual Meeting!

Book cover for Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution
Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution released December 2018

Joining or renewing not only means you‘re part of a community on a mission to share Swedenborg’s spiritual wisdom through the initiatives mentioned above, but it also offers you exclusive access to these discounts and other great benefits:

  • 2019 free members-only gift book titled When Tragedy Strikes: Lessons from Emanuel Swedenborg (ships out fall 2019).
  • 50% off hardcover Deluxe volumes of the New Century Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg, such as our most recent release The Shorter Works of 1758, when you subscribe to the series.
  • 20% discount on all purchases in our online bookstore, including print books, e-books, and audiobooks and DVDs.
  • An invitation to our annual business meeting attended by board directors and staff.

If you’d like to help us make Swedenborg’s inspiring ideas accessible to more people and enjoy a full year of membership benefits for only $25, join or renew now >

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