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  • The Swedenborg Foundation is an independent, educational US-based nonprofit that serves to publish, preserve, and promote the life-guiding principles of eighteenth-century spiritual world explorer Emanuel Swedenborg. We produce faith and spirituality-based content across a variety of media, both online and in print.

    The mission of the Swedenborg Foundation is to foster an affirmative, informed, and increasingly broad engagement with the theological message disclosed by Emanuel Swedenborg.

The Swedenborg Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help people learn about Emanuel Swedenborg. We are currently in the process of creating a new translation of his works from the original Latin — The New Century Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg — and we also maintain the older Standard Edition.

Part of our mission is to help people find new ways to engage with Swedenborg’s thought, and our most important outlet for doing so is the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel, home to our weekly webcast Swedenborg & Life. We offer daily inspiration through the offTheLeftEye Facebook page as well as a wide range of free resources through this website. Through our editorial department we produce contemporary books and articles on Swedenborg’s ideas and how they relate to individual spiritual growth as well as scholarly explorations of Swedenborg’s life and continuing impact.

The Swedenborg Foundation was founded in 1849 and chartered by the state of New York in 1850 as the American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society. The sole purpose of this new organization was to print and distribute the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. In 1928 the name was changed to the Swedenborg Foundation and the purposes broadened to include publication of closely related works and educational programs. Through its publications efforts, the Foundation has distributed or sold hundreds of thousands of copies of Swedenborg’s works and related materials the world over. The Foundation operates as an independent, nonprofit, and charitable corporation dependent on public support.

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The mission of the Swedenborg Foundation is to foster an affirmative, informed, and increasingly broad engagement with the theological message disclosed by Emanuel Swedenborg.

The purposes and powers of the Foundation are to print, publish, circulate, and distribute the theological, scientific, and other works and writings of Emanuel Swedenborg for benevolent, charitable, scientific, missionary, and philanthropic purposes, as well as annotations, commentaries thereon and extracts therefrom; and to purchase, sell, translate into any language, edit, and advertise such works and writings; to print, publish, circulate, purchase, or sell literature in agreement therewith or collateral thereto; to acquire, prepare, publish, and distribute biographies of Emanuel Swedenborg; to hold meetings, lectures, debates, and conferences as a means of promoting interest in his writings and teachings; to maintain reading-rooms, libraries, branches, and stations for reference and study of such writings and teachings in any part of the world; and to do other such lawful things as may be incidental to the carrying in to effect of the foregoing purposes and powers; which purposes and powers shall be exercised without any pecuniary profits of any officer, member, or employee of the corporation, except reasonable compensation for services in effecting one or more of such purposes and powers.

2018-2019 Board Members

Larry Conant, President

Christopher W. Lynch, Vice-President

Karen Feil, Treasurer

Pete Toot, Secretary ex officio

Kevin Baxter

Cory Bradford-Watts

Dr. Richard Hatheway

W. Bergen Junge

Rev. Dr. James F. Lawrence

Kaye Junge Lermitte

Rev. Dr. Jonathan S. Rose

Dr. Stuart Shotwell

Rev. Jeremy Simons

Richard Smoley

Dr. Soni Soneson Werner

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