Submission Guidelines

The Swedenborg Foundation publishes the works of Emanuel Swedenborg in translation and also books based on his thought. We welcome unsolicited manuscripts from authors of all backgrounds.

In order to be considered, the manuscript must either directly discuss Swedenborg’s works or incorporate his philosophy in an integral way. Manuscripts that do not have substantial Swedenborgian content will be rejected.

We publish two broad categories of books:

• Books intended for a general audience

• Scholarly works

In the first category, we are especially interested in books that present some aspect of Swedenborg’s thought in a way that’s easy for a general reader to understand. We also publish books on personal growth and spirituality, spirituality and science, social issues, Bible study, inspiration, and fictional works.

Our scholarly series, Swedenborg Studies, includes works that analyze Swedenborg’s writings from a comparative, historical, biographical, religious, or philosophical standpoint. We prefer authors with experience in academic research in a university setting. Works submitted for this will be peer reviewed prior to acceptance.

Whenever possible, we prefer to receive a completed manuscript for consideration, but we will also consider proposals for book ideas.

All submissions should include a cover letter that gives a synopsis of the book, a brief author’s biography, and any relevant background about the writing of the book and/or its intended audience.

If the manuscript is not yet complete, please include separate proposal that covers the following points:

• What is the book about? A paragraph or two should describe the subject matter and the author’s approach to writing about it.
• How is the treatment of the subject different or unique from other books available in its field? Why was the manuscript written? In what ways does it incorporate a Swedenborgian theme or perspective?
• For what audience or market is the book directed? Is there a special-interest group or market for whom the book might have appeal?
• What is the anticipated word count of the finished work? When will the completed manuscript be available for review?
• What is the author’s background or credentials for writing the book?

In addition, the proposal should include: (1) an outline of the book and (2) at least one completed chapter or other sample of the material to be included in the book. 

We prefer electronic submissions via e-mail in either Microsoft Word, rich text, or plain text format. However, you may also submit printed hard copies via postal mail.

Once the manuscript has been received, it will be given an initial evaluation within three months. If the manuscript is not rejected after the initial evaluation, we may request further information and/or submit the book to readers for review before the book goes to our editorial committee. It may take a further one to six months for these evaluations to be completed before the manuscript is ultimately either accepted or rejected.

Please address any questions and all correspondence to:

Swedenborg Foundation
320 N. Church Street
West Chester, PA 19380
Tel: 610-430-3222, ext. 101

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