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As a nonprofit, independent educational organization we use donation funds to inform and inspire the world about Swedenborg’s spiritually uplifting perspectives on this life and the life hereafter.

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  • With your help, the Swedenborg Foundation is poised to reach more people than ever before through our:

    • Goal-oriented Canopy Project fundraiser which is seeking $2 million in donations over the next five years to support our expert translations, scholarly objectives, and online outreach.
    • New Century Edition translations that bring Swedenborg’s words to life for a modern reader.
    • offTheLeftEye YouTube channel  that broadcasts new videos about Swedenborg’s spiritual explorations each week.
    • Heaven and Hell Facebook community that inspires dialogue among its 380,000+ followers every day.
    • No-cost and low-cost books, videos, and audio that make Swedenborg’s ideas accessible online at any time.
    • Research work and participation in the scholarly community to put Swedenborg’s theology in today’s academics.

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