Planned Giving: The Swedenborg Foundation and You

How you can help us

Help us ensure Emanuel Swedenborg’s life-guiding principles are shared with the world for generations to come. Including the Swedenborg Foundation in your legacy plans will help us continue to publish, preserve, and promote the spiritual writings of Emanuel Swedenborg—just as we’ve been doing since 1849! Planned and legacy gifts continue to provide crucial funding for the Swedenborg Foundation’s mission and programs. Even a small gift makes a difference!

Giving with a Purpose: A Testimonial

“My mother found and fell in love with Swedenborg’s writings in the 1940s, she was a member of the Foundation. I consider it giving her money to something she loved. I think of the Foundation as the worthy cause to keep Swedenborg’s writings available. I am very happy with my decision to help ensure the future of the Swedenborg Foundation and its mission by including the Foundation in my will and by naming the Foundation as the primary beneficiary of one of my Traditional IRAs.”

—a Life Member shares why he chose to include us in his plans


Did you know?

Planned gifts can take a number of forms. Some can even pay you back during your lifetime!

  • Bequests allow you to leave gifts of cash, stocks, or property to your favorite organization.
  • Charitable annuities and trusts allow you to make a gift while retaining some or all of the income from investments.
  • You can make an organization the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or other financial instrument.
  • Some IRAs require you to take a annual required minimum distribution at age 70 1/2—but those funds are tax-free if paid directly to a non-profit organization.
  • And many more options!

Contact us today

To learn more about planned giving, contact our Director of Development Tim Bilger at 610-430-3222, x 101 or

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