OffTheLeftEye and NCE Move to New Office Space

Two of the Swedenborg Foundation’s creative teams are now sharing a single office space: the production team behind the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel and members of the editorial team responsible for the New Century Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg (NCE) have moved into a new office in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

The new space allows the video production team to expand their studio, creating new recording spaces and upgrading their equipment. “The layout, size, and features of our new offices are going to allow us to do what we do with higher quality, efficiency, and creativity,” said Curtis Childs, the Foundation’s digital media producer and host of our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life. “I’m really excited about the possibilities.”

At the same time, having the editors and consultants working on translating Swedenborg’s writings in the same office space provides new opportunities for the two teams to work more closely together. In particular, NCE Series Editor Dr. Jonathan S. Rose makes frequent appearances on our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life, providing insights into various aspects of Swedenborg’s thought.

The Foundation’s main office remains in West Chester, Pennsylvania, about forty miles from Bryn Athyn. Both offices are supported by a network of freelancers and contractors around the country, all of whom are a vital factor in making our work a success.

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