• Correspondences of the Bible: The Human Body

    By John Worcester

    The third volume in Worcester’s classic trilogy on correspondences covers the secrets of human anatomy, discussing each part of our bodies separately and also explaining how they relate to the spiritual world. Read more

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In Swedenborg’s writings, the structure of heaven is described in terms of a human being, the Divine Human, with the various communities in heaven corresponding to part of the human body. The Human Body describes that relationship in detail, giving us a deep, personal view of how every person relates to heaven. However, just as in The Animals and The Plants, Worcester also provides in-depth discussion of all the aspects of each body part, relating function to spiritual principle for a multifaceted understanding of our own anatomy.

Interwoven with the text is a description of death and our rebirth in heaven, concluding with a long chapter on regeneration, a process of spiritual rebirth that can begin while we are still alive and continue in heaven. The Human Body provides the capstone for our understanding of the deep spiritual meaning that lies within our everyday world.

About the Author

Rev. John Worcester (1834-1900) was born in Boston and lived in Massachusetts for most of his life. The son of a minister, he was trained by his father in theology and studied physiology and related subjects at the Lawrence Scientific School, which later became part of Harvard University. He was pastor to the Newtonville New Church Society in Massachusetts for forty-two years, and taught at the New Church Theological School for many years, serving as the school’s president from 1881 to 1894. In addition to his books on correspondences, he published a number of volumes with his sermons and lessons on Genesis, Exodus, the Psalms, and the gospels of Matthew and Luke.


“How does the human body relate to the heavens? Correspondences of the Bible: The Human Body is another entry into the Correspondences of the Bible series, this time focusing on the human body and the symbolism it carries to the religion and to the community of God. Hoping to help readers understand the Bible more as well as their own body, John Worcester creates an intriguing parallel for readers that will make them think and perhaps increase their faith. Correspondences of the Bible is a fine addition to any Christian studies collection, sure to catch the eyes of many inquiring Christians.”

Wisconsin Bookwatch, October 2009

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