• Emanuel Swedenborg: Scientist and Mystic

    By Signe Toksvig
    Foreword by Rev. Brian Kingslake

    This classic biography of Emanuel Swedenborg gives us a sharp, witty, personal insight into the life of the Swedish scientist and theologian. Read more

    E-Book, 408 pages

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This classic biography of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-–1772), first published in 1948, gives us a sharp, witty, personal insight into the life of the Swedish scientist and theologian.

Toksvig uses meticulous research to paint a vivid picture not only of Swedenborg’s life, but of the people and places that surrounded him. While most biographies of Swedenborg tend to focus on his later theological period, Toksvig takes care to examine his childhood and early scientific training, providing details found in few other places. When she discusses the spiritual crisis that launched Swedenborg’s visionary writings, Toksvig devotes several chapters to putting his experience in the context of both psychology and parapsychology before systematically examining his theology in the context of his life.

An introduction by the Reverend Brian Kingslake, added to a 1983 edition, provides a Swedenborgian perspective and retrospective on a work that remains a fascinating, informative look at Swedenborg’s world.

About the Author

Signe Toksvig (1892-1983) was a Danish-born writer who wrote exclusively in English. Her family emigrated to the United States when she was fifteen, and she graduated from Cornell University in 1916. She married writer Francis Hackett in 1918, and the two moved to Ireland, later returning to the United States and then relocating to Denmark, where they spent the remainder of their lives. Toksvig was perhaps best known for The Last Devil; The Biographical Life of Hans Christian Andersen; and her novel Eve’s Doctor.


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