• Emanuel Swedenborg

    Essays for the New Century Edition on His Life, Work, and Impact

    Edited by Jonathan S. Rose, Stuart Shotwell, and M.L. Bertucci
    Foreword by Jonathan S. Rose and Stuart Shotwell

    The essays in this volume testify to the far-reaching effects of Emanuel Swedenborg’s works in Western culture. Read more

    Scribe of Heaven is the title of the paperback and e-book versions of this book.

    Hardcover, paperback, and e-book, 592 pages

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The essays in this volume testify to the far-reaching effects of Emanuel Swedenborg’s works in Western culture. This book serves as a self-contained resource on Swedenborg’s life and thought and as a gateway into further exploration of the labyrinthine garden of Swedenborg’s works. It includes a biography; lively overviews of the content and history of Swedenborg’s writings on spiritual topics; and essays tracing Swedenborg’s impact in various regions of the world. Three generous bibliographies round out the volume with data on recommended texts, on Swedenborg’s own extensive life works, and on the many sources cited in this volume itself. Copious notes and a thorough index assist the reader in mining the wealth of facts, themes, and personalities discussed in this one-of-a-kind book.

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About the Deluxe Edition

Scribe of Heaven: Swedenborg’s Life, Work, and Impact, edited by Jonathan S. Rose, Stuart Shotwell, and Mary Lou Bertucci. This Deluxe volume contains a preface by Jonathan S. Rose and Stuart Shotwell; eleven essays contributed by George F. Dole, David B. Eller, Olle Hjern, Robert H. Kirven, Jean-François Mayer, Frank S. Rose, Jonathan S. Rose, Alice B. Skinner, Richard Smoley, and Jane Williams-Hogan; a bibliography of recommended works; an annotated bibliography of Swedenborg’s writings; a bibliography of works cited in Scribe of Heaven; and an index to Scribe of Heaven. 2005.

About the Author

Jonathan S. Rose is the series editor of the New Century Edition, an ongoing project that incorporates the latest scholarship to produce a modern, accessible translation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s theological works. Holder of a B.A. and a M.Div. in religion and a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Latin, he has worked for years in the study of Neo-Latin and in Swedenborgian research. He was both chaplain and a tenured professor of religion and sacred languages at Bryn Athyn College before taking on his current position.


Stuart Shotwell is an independent scholar and freelance editor. He holds a doctorate in Classical Philology and has over twenty years of experience in the publishing field. His work for the Swedenborg Foundation has included editing collateral texts and assisting with the publication of the thirty volumes of the Redesigned Standard Edition of Swedenborg’s Works. While serving as managing editor of the New Century Edition, he has also been working on his own translation of and commentary on Swedenborg’s prose poem Worship and Love of God.


Mary Lou Bertucci is a freelance editor who specializes in scholarly publishing. She holds a BA and MA in English literature. From 1994 to 2007, she was the senior editor at the Swedenborg Foundation; she was also a contributing editor to The Encyclopedia of Human Rights (1986, 1994).


Scribe of Heaven is probably the best reader’s guide to Swedenborg’s life, works, and influence ever yet written. These essays by a panel of outstanding writers and leading Swedenborg scholars comprise a magnificent feast for newcomers to Swedenborg and a digest of wisdom for those who have studied him for many years. Original research, fresh insights, and stimulating discussion are supported by the most comprehensive Swedenborg bibliography to date.”

—Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Chair of Esoteric Studies, University of Wales Lampeter.

“Inspired by an encyclopedic vision and written by an international team of experts, Scribe of Heaven is the most comprehensive and most reliable study of the life, work, and wide cultural influence of Emanuel Swedenborg that has ever been published. Both the general reader and the scholar will use it with profit and delight.”

—Bernhard Lang, Professor of Old Testament and Religious Studies, University of Paderborn, Germany; and University of St. Andrews, Scotland

“For anyone interested in all the dimensions of the Swedenborg phenomenon (biographical, doctrinal, cultural, social, and bibliographical), this excellent volume provides the best introduction currently available.”

—Wouter J. Hanegraaf, Professor of History and Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, University of Amsterdam

About the New Century Edition

The New Century Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg presents a modern-language, scholarly translation of Swedenborg’s theological works. The series’ easy-to-read style retains the dignity, variety, clarity, and gender-inclusive language of Swedenborg’s original Latin, bringing his thought to life. Introductions and annotations by eminent, international scholars place Swedenborg’s writings in their historical context and illuminate obscure references within the text, enabling readers to understand and trace Swedenborg’s influence as never before.

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Contents of the Deluxe Volume

Preface, by Jonathan S. Rose and Stuart Shotwell

Swedenborg’s Life

The Inner Journey of Emanuel Swedenborg, by Richard Smoley

Theological Works

Swedenborg’s Garden of Theology: An Introduction to Swedenborg’s Published Theological Works, by Jonathan S. Rose
Swedenborg’s Modes of Presentation, 1745–1771, by George F. Dole
Swedenborg’s Manuscripts, by Frank S. Rose

Cultural Impact

The Influence of Emanuel Swedenborg in Scandinavia, by Olle Hjern
Swedenborg and Continental Europe, by Jean-François Mayer
Selected Examples of Swedenborg’s Influence in Great Britain and the United States, by Robert H. Kirven and David B. Eller

Organizational Impact

Swedenborgian Churches and Related Institutions in Great Britain, the United States, and Canada, by Jane Williams-Hogan and David B. Eller
New Church (Swedenborgian) Societies in the United States and Canada, 1790–2003
Examples of Internationalization: The New Church in Africa, by Jane Williams-Hogan

An Alternative Approach to Studying Swedenborg’s Impact

Swedenborg’s Influence: The Power of Three Selected Ideas, by Alice B. Skinner

Bibliographies and Index

Recommended Works, by David B. Eller
Annotated Bibliography of Swedenborg’s Writings, by Jonathan S. Rose
Works Cited

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