• The Fashioning of Angels

    Partnership as Spiritual Practice

    By Stephen and Robin Larsen
    Foreword by Jean Houston

    The authors explore male-female relationships in a search for the answer to a timeless question: “What do couples really want?” Read more

    E-Book, 373 pages

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Stephen and Robin Larsen, authors of A Fire in the Mind, the authorized biography of their friend Joseph Campbell, explore male-female relationships, questing for the answer to a timeless question: “”What do couples really want?””

The Larsens look to ancient wisdom—the realm of mythology—to solve the relationship riddle. Storytelling artists, they underline the powerful messages in myths, folktales, and fairy tales they relate stories that help heal wounds of the gender wars. Experiential exercises the Larsens have developed deepen couples’’ spiritual bonds.

Readers eavesdrop on issues in the Larsens’ marriage of more than thirty-five years; their dialogs about their own relating process bring passion and intimacy to the book.

As Jean Houston says in her foreword, “. . . we see that [the Larsens] are beloveds who have struck gold in each other’s soul.” Interviews with other couples—”metaphysical pajama parties”—reveal common, instructive threads among creative and committed partners.

About the Author

Stephen Larsen, PhD, is psychology professor emeritus (SUNY) and a licensed psychotherapist and board-certified neurotherapist. Stone Mountain Counseling, PC, of which he is founding director, offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for disorders of the central nervous system. He is the author of The Mythic Imagination and more recently published The Neurofeedback Solution.


Robin Larsen, PhD, is an art historian and exhibiting artist who is founding director of the not-for-profit Center for Symbolic Studies. Robin was also editor in chief of the pictorial biography and tricentennial volume Emanuel Swedenborg: A Continuing Vision.


“The Larsens offer unusually fascinating perspectives on the spiritual dimensions of partnership. This is a book that can be savored for its rich fare of cross-cultural myths and symbols.”

—Ralph Metzner, author of The Unfolding Self


“You will find yourself in the company of legendary lovers who also wrestle with boredom and madness, anger and passion, fidelity and wandering Eros.”

—Sam Keen

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