• Person to Person

    The Gospel of Mark

    By Paul V. Vickers

    How does God want us to live in our daily lives? The answer, according to minister Paul V. Vickers, can be found in the gospel of Mark. Delving into the rich symbolism of the biblical text, Vickers reveals a loving, spiritual message that applies to people of all religious backgrounds. Read more

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Paul Vickers grapples with the question of how God wants us to live our daily lives, and he turns to a new way of reading the gospel of Mark for answers. Vickers’ insightful discussion of its rich symbolism reveals the relevance this gospel has to our lives. God, according to Vickers, is the same immediate presence for the reader of today that he was at the time of the writing of the book of Mark. Through the immediacy of his presence, in a manner unique to each reader, God urges us to examine and improve our lives. Encouraging a less self-centered engagement with the world, Person to Person: The Gospel of Mark fosters development of a more loving, more spiritually conscious soul.

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Paul V. Vickers holds a degree from London University and is a retired minister of the General Conference of the New Church. The most recent of his books are Living with God and God-Talk and Man-Talk.

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