• Sampson Reed

    By Sampson Reed
    Edited by George F. Dole
    Foreword by Sylvia Shaw
    Swedenborg Studies #1

    George F. Dole examines how Sampson Reed, a nineteenth-century orator and classmate of Ralph Waldo Emerson at Harvard, figures in the connection between Swedenborg and Emerson. Read more

    Paperback and e-book, 53 pages

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This short work is a collection of four essays by nineteenth-century author and transcendentalist Sampson Reed. “A Dissertation: On the Evidence from the Light of Nature of a Future Retribution” is a religious treatise that laid the groundwork for his aesthetic theory; the “Oration on Genius” is a vibrant speech which is probably America’s earliest Romantic manifesto; “Observations on the Growth of the Mind” reflects the aesthetic theory embraced by Ralph Waldo Emerson and the New England transcendentalists; and Reed’s preface to the 1838 edition of “Observations,” which showed his growing disenchantment with the transcendentalist movement he helped to inspire.

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Sampson Reed


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