• Swedenborg Explorer’s Guidebook

    A Research Manual

    By William Ross Woofenden
    Edited by Jonathan S. Rose
    Swedenborg Studies #12

    A reference tool for anyone interested in researching the thought of Swedish theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). The revised and expanded second edition includes a complete bibliography of Swedenborg’s writings, published and unpublished; an extensive bibliography of books about him or his thought; an overview of key concepts in his theology, a listing of major documentary collections of Swedenborg’s works, and a chronology of Swedenborg’s life and works. Read more

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For more than 250 years, followers of scientist and visionary Emanuel Swedenborg have been translating and commenting on his writings, and for those unfamiliar with Swedenborg’s works, it can be a difficult field to navigate. This revised and expanded edition of the Swedenborg Explorer’s Guidebook offers:

  • An annotated bibliography of all primary works by Emanuel Swedenborg — including scientific, literary, and theological writings as well as personal letters and journals — containing the latest information on holdings, publication dates, and available translations.
  • An extensive annotated bibliography of secondary literature, including major biographies, bibliographies, analyses of Swedenborg’s works, dissertations and theses, historical writings about the New Church, and works on and by prominent figures in the Swedenborgian community.
  • Easy-to-use listings of Swedenborg’s works by date, by subject, and by title, with cross-references to each title’s bibliographic information.
  • A glossary of special terms used in Swedenborg’s writings.
  • A listing of major documentary collections in the United States and Europe.
  • A chronology of Swedenborg’s life and works
  • An expanded index

About the Author

William Ross Woofenden is a leading Swedenborgian scholar. He holds an M.A. (Research) and a Ph.D. from St. Louis University. As founder and editor of the journal Studia Swedenborgiana, former board member of the Swedenborg Scientific Association, and former board member of the Swedenborg Foundation, he has made significant contributions to Swedenborgian studies for forty years.


Jonathan S. Rose is the series editor of the New Century Edition, an ongoing project that incorporates the latest scholarship to produce a modern, accessible translation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s theological works. Holder of a B.A. and a M.Div. in religion and a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Latin, he has worked for years in the study of Neo-Latin and in Swedenborgian research. He was both chaplain and a tenured professor of religion and sacred languages at Bryn Athyn College before taking on his current position.


“Scientists and translators have been going over and evaluating the writings of the erudite Emanuel Swedenborg for nearly three centuries. TheSwedenborg Explorer’s Guidebook: A Research Manual was originally released in 1988 under another title, but it is released in a newly revised and updated second edition in 2008. New to this edition is an expansive and thorough bibliography, organizations of Swedenborg’s work chronologically, glossaries, indexes, and other invaluable appendices. Swedenborg Explorer’s Guidebook: A Research Manual is a top pick for community library historical reference collections.”

—Paul T. Vogel, Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review Bookwatch, May 2008

About the Swedenborg Studies Series

Swedenborg Studies is a scholarly series published by the Swedenborg Foundation. The primary purpose of the series is to make materials available for understanding the life and thought of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) and the impact his thought has had on others. The Foundation undertakes to publish original studies and English translations and to republish primary sources that are otherwise difficult to access.

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