• Swedenborg and Kant

    Emanuel Swedenborg’s Mystical View of Humankind and the Dual Nature of Humankind in Immanuel Kant

    By Gottlieb Florschütz
    Translated by George F. Dole
    Swedenborg Studies #2

    This short monograph focuses on Immanuel Kant’s view of Emanuel Swedenborg. Read more

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German philosopher Immanuel Kant had a complicated view of the writings of Swedish theologian Emanuel Swedenborg. Although Kant wrote a book that was harshly satiric of Swedenborg’s ideas (Traume eines Geistersehers, or Dreams of a Spirit-Seer in English), later in life he appeared to reverse this opinion. Florschütz discusses this tension in Kant’s thought in this short monograph.

About the Author

Gottlieb Florschütz earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kiel in 1991. His dissertation forms the foundation of the monograph Swedenborg and Kant: Emanuel Swedenborg’s Mystical View of Humankind and the Dual Nature of Humankind in Immanuel Kant.


George F. Dole holds a BA from Yale, an MA from Oxford, and a PhD from Harvard. Now professor emeritus, Dr. Dole taught ancient languages, the Bible, and theology at the Swedenborg School of Religion in Newton, Massachusetts. He is also the author of Freedom and Evil, Sorting Things Out, and A Book about Us. He lives in Bath, Maine.

About the Swedenborg Studies Series

Swedenborg Studies is a scholarly series published by the Swedenborg Foundation. The primary purpose of the series is to make materials available for understanding the life and thought of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) and the impact his thought has had on others. The Foundation undertakes to publish original studies and English translations and to republish primary sources that are otherwise difficult to access.

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