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If Swedenborg’s spiritually uplifting perspectives on life and the hereafter have provided comfort and guidance for you in times of need, then perhaps you’d be interested in helping more people throughout the world feel the spiritual healing his teachings can provide.

“Where before there was confusion, now I have answers. Where before there was a lack of direction, now I know the way ahead.” –Craig J. Todd, Swedenborg Foundation member from Aylesbury, United Kingdom

The Swedenborg Foundation is on a mission to communicate Swedenborg’s eighteenth-century perspectives through a modern lens with enhanced online and social media presence. Perhaps you’ve downloaded one of our online e-books in an instant, watched our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life on YouTube, or engaged in discussion with our Facebook community of 300,000+. If you have, then you understand the profound impact these media can have in people’s lives.

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