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NCE Minute: Parallel Passages in Swedenborg’s Works

Anyone who reads Swedenborg for long enough—and that could be for as little as a few minutes—soon discovers that the great Swedish theologian repeats himself. Readers today, both new and long-experienced, find this deliberate practice of his to be somewhat challenging. We are not used to such repetition in written works, though we endure it in countless other forms, media advertising being an omnipresent example. There can be no question that Swedenborg believed the repetition of an idea in different contexts and with different illustrations and nuances to be a powerful teaching and communicating tool. Read more

The Scout from Outer Space

The chair of Harvard’s astronomy department makes the controversial speculation that an object from outside our solar system could be evidence of extraterrestrial life.  

Is there life on other planets? It’s a fascinating question . . . one that Swedenborg also weighed in on during his lifetime. Read more

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