Swedenborg Foundation Host Curtis Childs and Author Peter Rhodes on The WHY Blog Podcast


On Wednesday, July 27, digital media producer and host of Swedenborg and Life Curtis Childs was a featured guest on The WHY Blog—a weekly blog and podcast series that explores life through the personal journeys and life experiences of others.

During the twenty-five-minute audio podcast interview with The WHY Blog host Luke Frazier, Curtis talked about the journey that led him to his interest in the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg and his current work at the Swedenborg Foundation.

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The previous week, on Wednesday, July 20, Swedenborg Foundation author Peter Rhodes appeared on the same podcast to discuss how his past experiences as a collegiate high diver and student of Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual writings have taught him how to stay in the present moment by overcoming common challenges of the mind.

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Also, take a look at Peter’s award-winning book Observing Spirit, which is available in paperback from our online bookstore for $16.95.

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