Curtis Childs Talks Swedenborg to International Audience

On Sunday, February 7th, digital media producer and host of Swedenborg and Life Curtis Childs was a featured guest on THA Talks—a popular UK-based weekly podcast series for “free thought and open minds.”


For a little more than an hour, Curtis delved into Swedenborg’s spiritual philosophies, engaging in intellectual conversation with hosts Paul Obertelli and David Parry. Parry, a renowned British poet and author, shared that he recently discovered Swedenborg and Life while YouTube surfing and has become a huge fan of the show. He went on to describe Curtis as “one of the best broadcasters I have ever come across.”

Produced and broadcast from London, the audio recording is now available for a worldwide audience to hear on the THA Talks website. Listen and share the episode Curtis was featured on now!

Later, on February 28th, Curtis appeared on another UK-based podcast with David Parry called Sunday Morning SpiritualListen and share now!

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