Foundation Welcomes New Editor


We are very pleased to announce that after an intensive search, we have a new editor at the Swedenborg Foundation. John Connolly started at the beginning of January and will work out of the Foundation’s main office in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

John comes from a background in educational publishing and academic librarianship and was drawn to this job by a love of philosophy.

“I have followed the paths of philosophy and religion with marked vigor for many years,” John says. “As a result, I have come to see the importance of getting at the root of what it means to live a life of conscientiousness and meaning. With this in mind, I have been crafting my career goals in such a way that they migrate more and more towards a mission for the common good. I see clearly how this journey has led me to the Swedenborg Foundation and look forward to being of useful service to its cause.”

His work will include book acquisitions, manuscript editing, production, and related activities. Have an idea for a Swedenborg-related book? You can reach him at (But be sure to read our submission guidelines first!)

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