“Getting into Heaven” Review in Library Journal


Library Journal Review of Getting into Heaven—and Out Again

Swedenborgianism-the General Convention of the New Church-has never been a large religious movement but has made its impact felt via the lives of such notables as Helen Keller and Henry James Sr. (father of the novelist Henry James and the philosopher William James). The movement’s founder, Emanuel Swedenborg, had a mystical journey through heaven and hell, which he recorded in the 18th century; this amusing little book is a kind of revisitation of those ideas and experiences for a contemporary readership. The life of the angels (a quite real experience) is available to all of God’s children, as is the life of the devils if they choose it. VERDICT A brief and winning introduction to a noted Christian sect’s doctrines of the afterlife; essential for Swedenborgians and recommended for other individual seekers as well.—Library Journal, May 1, 2012

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