Foundation Receives Google Advertising Grant


Google Ad Grants, a program offered by software giant Google, provides qualifying nonprofits up to $10,000 worth of free Google advertising per month. In July, we learned that the Swedenborg Foundation had been approved for an ad grant, effective immediately.

While the program does come with limitations, we can use the free ads to promote awareness of Swedenborg’s thought and we can build on our current marketing efforts to reach an even wider audience. Shortly after we were approved, we launched a campaign with a wide variety of ads aimed at general awareness of the organization and especially of Swedenborg. By far the most popular ones to date are the ones that encourage people to come to our site and download free copies of Swedenborg’s writings.

In the first few weeks, more than 400,000 people saw our ads, which by itself produces greater name recognition. We’ve already seen a significant increase in our web traffic and downloads, and we’re looking forward to building on this great opportunity to expand our mission.

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