How to Download and Use Our Free E-Books

These instructions apply to the free PDF and EPUB files available for download in our bookstore. Instructions concerning purchased e-books and audio downloads are included in your purchase confirmation e-mail.

If you are having issues with a free e-book download, or if these instructions and links do not help, please e-mail for assistance.

Desktop or Laptop Computers

Free PDF and EPUB downloads from our website can be read on your desktop or laptop computer.

PDF documents can be read with any PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader on a PC, or Preview on a Mac. Most newer computers come with some kind of PDF reader already installed. Many Internet browsers will automatically open PDF files in a new tab where they can be read.

EPUB books can be read with a free reading program, such as Calibre (for PC and Mac), or Adobe Digital Editions (PC and Mac). Mac computers also come with a program called iBooks which is used to open EPUB files.

Apple Devices

You can transfer your EPUBs and PDFs to your Apple devices using the iBooks app. To download the iBooks app you need an Internet connection and an iTunes Store account. For more information visit the iBooks FAQ.

iPad, iPhone, iPod: Download the free e-book from our website directly to your device, and iBooks will automatically open the file. Or download the e-book to your computer, and then add it to your iTunes library. Then connect your device to your computer, go to the iTunes Books pane and then sync your device.

E-Readers (all except Kindle readers)

Our EPUB and PDF files can be read on all e-reader devices except the Kindle reader. Adobe Digital Editions can be used to manage your e-books and to transfer them onto your e-reader. To use Adobe Digital Editions with e-readers such as the Nook, Kobo, or Sony eReader, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: You will need to have an Adobe ID if you would like to read your e-book on multiple devices or retrieve your e-book in the event of a system crash. Go here to create an Adobe ID. Please note: You may already have an Adobe ID if you’ve set up your account with the Sony Store or Kobo Store.

Step 2: Add your e-book to the Digital Editions library by clicking Library –> Add.

Step 3: Plug your device into your computer with its USB cable. Digital Editions might ask you if you want to authorize the device with your Adobe ID. After you choose yes and authorize it, the device icon will appear in the side navigation in Digital Editions, and you can choose which e-book(s) to move to your device. Drag and drop the e-book(s) of your choice to the device icon in the side navigation.

Step 4: Eject the device, unplug the USB cable, and the e-book(s) you moved will appear in your device’s library.

The free reading program Calibre, mentioned above, can be used to transform an e-book file into a different format—for example, from PDF to EPUB or from EPUB to Mobipocket (.prc)—and to transfer files to your e-reader. Refer to Calibre’s instructions and documentation for more information.

Kindle Devices

Kindle devices are able to read Amazon’s e-book files as well as PDF files, but not EPUB files. If we have a Kindle edition of a title, we provide a link on our product page to the Kindle e-book listing on Amazon’s website, where the Kindle e-book may be purchased for a small fee and sent directly to your Kindle. For more information about how to read e-books on your Kindle, see Amazon’s help page.

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