Just Released in Our Online Bookstore: A New Key to the Bible

We’re proud to announce our newest book release: A New Key to the Bible: Unlock Its Inner Meaning and Open the Door to Your Spirit by author Bruce Henderson.

In this inspirational introduction to the correspondences of the Bible, Henderson shows how each of us can find a path to a loving God through even the most difficult parts of sacred scripture.

A New Key to the Bible opens with the Creation story, showing how it’s truly the story of our own spiritual creation. From there, Henderson leads us through some favorite stories of the Old Testament: Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob’s Ladder, and the journey of Moses and his people out of Egypt in search of their true home. In the transition to the New Testament, we see the transformation to a new type of relationship with the Divine, not only for us as individuals but for the entire human race. The book closes with one of the most mysterious books of the Bible, and also one of the most important for Swedenborg’s vision of the church to come: the book of Revelation.

Perfect for people who want a short, accessible introduction to Swedenborg’s view of the Bible or who have struggled with some of its more challenging passages, A New Key to the Bible will give you a new way to think about sacred scripture. You can buy it from our online bookstore for $13.95 in paperback or $6.99 in e-book form. Members get a 20% discount off all books in our store plus exclusive first chances to buy new titles, so if you’re not a member yet, this is a great time to join.

If you’re looking for more introductory works on Swedenborg’s thought, check out Bruce Henderson’s other titles: Why Does God Let It Happen?, an examination of why God allows evil to exist in the world, and Window to Eternity, an overview of heaven and the afterlife from a Swedenborgian perspective.

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