Last Chance Sale – 50% Off Select Products

For inventory management reasons, we’re sad to report that some of our classic books and DVDs will soon be out of production and no longer available to purchase. The good news is that you now have a chance to add them to your home collections for 50% off the retail price! Swedenborg Foundation members will also receive free shipping.

Head on over to our bookstore now to see the 65 products available through our Last Chance Sale—everything from creative works of fiction based on Swedenborgian concepts to non-fiction biographies of Swedenborg himself, scholarly examinations of Swedenborg’s thought, literary anthologies, reference books, and other spiritually inspiring content. 

Whether it’s a classic you’ve always had your eye on or something that just catches your eye today, now’s the time to buy! Sale ends August 31, 2019.

Enter SF50LCS in the promo code field at checkout!

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