NCE New Jerusalem Now on Sale


The New Century Edition (NCE) translation of Swedenborg’s short work New Jerusalem is now available, marking the first time in more than twenty years that the Foundation has published this work as a stand-alone volume.

First published in 1763, New Jerusalem is one of Swedenborg’s most concise and readable summaries of his own theology. Each of its twenty-three chapters covers a key point in Swedenborg’s writings: goodness and truth, will and understanding, love and faith, regeneration, the church, sacred scripture, the Lord, and more. At the end of each chapter is an extensive list of cross-references to relevant passages in Secrets of Heaven.

The official release isn’t until December 1, but you can order the volume through our bookstore today and receive your copy early.

New Jerusalem
Emanuel Swedenborg / translated by George F. Dole
248 pages / 5.5 x 8.5
Paper: 978-0-87785-415-9 / $7.99
E-book: 978-0-87785-680-1 / $1

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