• New Jerusalem: New Century Edition

    By Emanuel Swedenborg
    Translated by George F. Dole

    Emanuel Swedenborg used the name New Jerusalem to refer to a new spiritual age in human history. This short work is his vision of the beliefs that will shape this new age, and at the same time a compact overview of his theology in his own words. Read more

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Emanuel Swedenborg understood the city of New Jerusalem–as described in the book of Revelation–to mean not a physical city but an epoch of history, a new spiritual age that was just beginning to take shape during his lifetime in the eighteenth century.

This short work, presented as a series of teachings that characterize this spiritual age to come, is also one of Swedenborg’s most concise and readable summaries of his own theology. Building on fundamental concepts such as good, truth, will, and understanding, he describes the importance of love and usefulness in spiritual growth. In the second half of the volume he focuses on how this new theology relates to the church of his day and to church teachings about the Bible, the Lord’s incarnation on earth, and rites such as baptism and the Holy Supper. Each short chapter is followed by extensive references back to his theological magnum opus, Secrets of Heaven.

This volume is an excellent starting point for those who want an overview of Swedenborg’s theology presented in his own words.

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