New E-Book: Conversations with Angels

The Swedenborg Foundation classic Conversations with Angels: What Swedenborg Heard in Heaven is now available as a low-cost e-book.

Swedenborg fans know that one of the top three things Emanuel Swedenborg is famous for is talking to angels—and people on all levels of existence—in the spiritual world. Although all of his theological writings are based on his spiritual experiences, in some places he described specific encounters with angels, usually in the form of “memorable occurrences” at the end of a chapter on a particular topic.

Conversations with Angels is a collection of Swedenborg’s most powerful memorable occurrences about angels, selected by Swedenborg experts Leonard Fox and Donald Rose and translated from the Latin by David Gladish and Jonathan S. Rose. Long one of our bestsellers in its printed form, it’s now available in e-book format through our online bookstore or fine electronic retailers everywhere.

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