Tune in For a New Season of Swedenborg & Life Starting January 6!

Over the past few months, the offTheLeftEye production team has been hard at work on a brand-new season of our hit webcast Swedenborg & Life, the fourth season since we launched our new format last year. The season’s four core episodes will take a deeper dive into different aspects of the afterlife and what life will be like there:

January 6: “What Does It Feel Like to Die?”

Host Curtis Childs is joined by other members of the offTheLeftEye team to explore the nature of the dying process according to Swedenborg, incorporating a modern near-death experience, and to show how love and wisdom guides and protects us throughout. 

January 27: “Will Your Body Look the Same When You Die?”

We all know our physical body undergoes some standard biological processes after death, but our spiritual body is another story entirely. What exactly is a spiritual body? Will we look the same? And what if we don’t want to look the same? As with so many other things in the afterlife, it’s all about what’s in our heart.

February 17: “Will Life Be Different When You Die?”

Swedenborg gave us an incredibly detailed description of what the afterlife is like. What will be the same as our lives on earth? What will be different? Learn what kind of lessons we can gain from those differences, both here and in the next life.

March 9: “What Happens to Your Mind When You Die?”

In order to answer that question, we have to answer an even more basic one: What is the mind? How does it relate to both the physical and the spiritual worlds? In this episode, we learn how the way we use our mind in this world shapes what happens to us in the afterlife.  

New episodes are posted on Monday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern U.S. time on our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel. In between these core episodes, you can hop online for one of our two live series: Swedenborg & Life Live, which focuses on the mysteries of the Bible, and Good Question!, where members of the offTheLeftEye team respond to your spiritual questions. And if you can’t make it when the episodes are first posted, you can always visit the channel get caught up any time. 

If you like Swedenborg & Life, check out News from Heaven, a twice-weekly series where host Curtis Childs takes on some of Swedenborg’s most fascinating passages and illuminates how they apply to our daily life. The series debuted one year ago and on January 2 we celebrated our 100th episode!

We’re thankful for our viewers, subscribers, donors, and community members who have supported us and made a new season of Swedenborg & Life possible! If you’d like to contribute to help us reach even more people in need of spiritual support in the New Year, you can donate via our Causevox page and even become a sustaining supporter by making a monthly donation pledge!

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