OffTheLeftEye Breaks Viewership Records in April

Just one month into the launch of a new format for our weekly webcast Swedenborg & Life, the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel smashed its previous viewership records. We had our best month ever in April with 4.73 million minutes watched, up 27% over our previous best month, January 2018.

The new format for Swedenborg & Life alternates between prerecorded episodes and live shows, and so far the most popular episodes have been our two afterlife-themed ones: “Do Ghosts Exist?” and “The Purpose of Death.” But we’ve also had success in remarketing popular episodes from the past year, including “Why Did Jesus Come to Earth as a Baby?” “Rediscovering Forgiveness,” and “Regeneration: How Radical Love is Born.”

The launch of the new show format coincided with the opening of our new studio, an expanded space with upgraded equipment that was made possible through the contributions of some very generous donors. We’re looking forward to combining all of those factors to keep improving the show over the coming months!

If you want to be a part of making it all happen, you can support offTheLeftEye with a monthly pledge through Patreon. Right now, if you make a new pledge or increase an existing one, your donation will be matched 5:1!

New episodes of Swedenborg & Life are posted on Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time, or you can visit the channel any time to watch any one of hundreds of videos on Swedenborg-related topics!

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